Picture a collection of bizarre flowers in black ink flowing down am arm from the shoulder to the elbow.

Sean Thompson did, and now he’s looking for the right artist to stain the idea on his body permanently.

Thompson was one of thousands who turned up for the 2009 Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival at the Shaw Conference Centre yesterday.

“I’ve been on the Internet and it only shows you so much,” said Thompson, who is preparing for his first tattoo. “This is a good opportunity to have all the good artists under one roof at one time. You can actually walk around and talk to people. You can literally shop around for an artist.”

Almost 100 artists representing shops from Alberta and beyond were on hand to give tattoos, meet with potential clients and showcase their talent. But Thompson added that some tattooed patrons should have covered up. “There’s a lot of bad tattoos here, I’m not going to lie. So I’m assuming there are a lot of bad tattoo artists out there. You just have to do your shopping.”

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