Already frustrated by restricted token sales and long lines at ticket booths, TTC riders are now being stymied at their local convenience stores.

Several independent TTC ticket retailers have run out of tickets and aren’t being re-stocked as quickly as usual.

“I don’t have anything since Monday, and customers are really, really upset,” said Mukarram Ali, owner of Presse Internationale on Queen Street East in the Beach. Ali said he usually receives his shipment of $2,000 worth of tickets and tokens the day after he makes his order.

“Now, when I called them Monday, they said Wednesday.” But by yesterday afternoon, Ali said he still hadn’t received his order and wasn’t counting on it coming before the end of the day.

Independent retailers appear to be the latest casualty of the TTC’s looming fare hike.

Ticket hoarding led the TTC to first restrict, then halt altogether, the sale of tokens. On Monday, they introduced temporary adult tickets to keep the TTC’s supply flowing and thwart token hoarding and limit losses for the commission.

But some commuters, like Martine Vieira, have had to pay full fare at the ticket box, because the operator ran out.

Vieira, a legal assistant, waited more than 30 minutes at St. Andrew station on Monday and Tuesday, and then had to pay full fare anyway, when the operator said they had run out of tickets.

“I just wish they’d organize themselves better,” she said. “The TTC is not making this easy at all.”
Later, at Yorkdale station, Vieira said the operator let everyone go for free because she had run out of tickets.

Byung-Sung Song, owner of Starbank Convenience at College and August streets., said he still has a healthy supply of tickets, but he’s noticed it has been taking longer to get his orders filled. “Usually it was one day, now it’s two days or three days.”

At Sun’s Milk, on Kingston Road near Victoria Park, owner Seoung-mi Kang said she ran out of tickets Friday and hasn’t been re-stocked since.

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