Waits less than 30 minutes greeted Calgarians at H1N1 vaccinations clinics across the city yesterday as the first day of general immunizations ran smoothly.

Alberta Health Services spokesperson Bruce Conway confirmed immunizations across the province were efficient and noted the province can vaccinate up to 50,000 people a day in the coming weeks.

“We’re absolutely pleased with the way things worked and we have the vaccine supply to support it now. There are enough vaccinations for all who want to be vaccinated,” he said, adding the province has half a million doses.

Steve Hunter was happy with how quickly he got his vaccination at the Whitehorn location.

“Honestly, I think the paper work was the most time consuming. I was in and out right away and I didn’t have to wait in line,” he said as he left.

Nancy Smith was also pleased she didn’t need to read the book she brought to kill time — she was in and out within 15 minutes.

“I even saw some nurses who didn’t have anyone at their stations. It was much quicker,” Smith added of the waits.

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