Cody Ellis took a long uneven breath, then told more than 500 mourners yesterday that his younger sibling taught him how to be a good person.

But he could barely go any further.

A cue card clenched between his fingers, Cody’s breathing quickened and his shoulders shook each time he tried to talk about Dylan Ellis — his kid brother who was gunned down last week along with lifelong friend Oliver Martin.


“All I ever wanted was to make you proud,” he finally said. “I love you. I love you.”

Ellis and Martin, both 25, were killed early Friday when a gunman opened fire on Ellis’ father’s Range Rover outside a Richmond Street West condominium.

Martin’s funeral will be held this afternoon.

At yesterday’s service, a parade of friends spoke about Ellis, punctuating the ceremony with lighthearted moments. They described their friend as fun-loving, goofy and rarely serious.