Have you donated money to Japan? According to the New York Times, aid sent towards earthquake and tsunami relief could be put to better use elsewhere.


As the Grey Lady's Stephanie Strom reports, some aid groups have been raising money for disaster relief without knowing exactly what form their aid will take:


“Charities are aggressively soliciting donations around this disaster, and I don’t believe these donations necessarily are going to be used for relief or recovery in Japan because they aren’t needed for that,” Mr. Karnofsky said. “The Japanese government has made it clear it has the resources it needs for this disaster.”

Robert Ottenhoff, president and chief executive of GuideStar, a Web site that provides charity tax forms and other resources for donors, said donors themselves were to blame for the fund-raising frenzy.


Well, you've really done it now, New York Times. You've even managed to make Metro feel guilty about donating money to charity.