Toronto city councillors who don’t bother to show up for work should have their almost $100,000 annual pay reduced accordingly, says mayoral can­didate Sarah Thomson.

Even the Senate of Canada, not noted for stellar attendance, deducts pay if senators are absent, Thomson told reporters yesterday.

“We can and will have similar accountability at city hall,” she said.

Thomson said if elected she would work to bring in penalties so that if a councillor missed a three-hour committee meeting, he or she would lose three hours pay.

Councillors currently make $99,620 a year.

Thomson singled out front-running mayoral candidate Rob Ford for particular criticism.

She said Ford, a tireless critic of the city’s spending priorities, has been absent from budget committee meetings where issues are thrashed out and recommendations passed that go to council for final approval.

“This is a man who’s built his platform on budgetary restraint and yet hasn’t attended even one budget committee meeting in over a year,” she said.

Ford did not respond to a request for comment.