These Titus products might give your home a lift.


A new home is more than an investment — it’s a marriage. You have to be committed to your partner, in sickness and in health.


A perfect combination of style and comfort, Vienna Douglas and Titus and Louise Design are a pair of neighbouring shops at the intersection of Dupont and Christie Streets that work together in complementary fashion to help you and your home breathe and think in complete harmony.

Owner Brian Dragonette offers custom-designed bathroom furniture to meet your every need. He sells everything from toilet paper holders to vanities, tiling, medicine cabinets, and anything else you want built for that perfect bathroom — though he does other rooms as well.

“I think it’s the whole issue of water, bathing and rejuvenating after you come home from a hard day’s work,” Dragonette said, explaining the importance of the bathroom sanctuary.

How we spend those few minutes of tranquility is extremely important. Thus, the cleanliness and efficient space use of your bathroom furniture is essential to the health of the relationship between you and your home. You want to enjoy the time you spend there, considering you live there.

“I guess it’s how you want to live your life,” Dragonette said. “If there’s order and beauty to your life, that’s great.”

In designing his bathrooms, he emphasizes proper lighting, proportion-to-scale sized furniture to let the room breathe, and the right composition.

“You can tell a good artist from a bad artist by the composition, how it’s put together,” he said.

Inspired by European architects Mackintosh and Hoffman, Dragonette’s signature of three white squares on the corners gives his pieces of work an elegant and sophisticated look that leaves a very calming ambiance in the room.

Titus and Louise brings flair to the relationship — the ying to the yang of comfort offered at Vienna Douglas. If you walk by too quickly, you may miss this small quaint store entirely, but once inside, you’ll be thankful you didn’t. Owner Diane Fotheringham describes it as a “little European store.”

Here you can find custom drapes, the right window treatment, pillows, and a library of bed linen to accentuate the beauty of your home. In addition, the company offers a decorating service.

While it’s nice to tell your partner that you love them, it’s always better to show, not tell. Show your home just how beautiful she really is with a visit to Dupont and Christie.

It just might save your marriage... I mean mortgage.