The showdown for public office officially got underway yesterday as the deadline to file nomination papers ended at high noon.

Yesterday marked another first for mayoral candidate Daryl Bonar and the 31-year-old said he expects it to be a two-horse race.

“I am running for mayor in what is shaping up to be a two-way fight for office,” Bonar said before filing his papers. “In one corner of the ring you have two very well-funded candidates pandering to vested interests. In the other corner I stand to fight for the vast majority of Edmonton’s taxpaying citizens to ensure that their hard-earned dollars are spent equitably, wisely and well.”

Jamie Post, 28, is trying his luck in Ward 1. The council hopeful said he’ll rely on his vast volunteering experience in this year’s campaign.

“I have a lot of significant community work experience that I think will be quite valuable to the city,” Post said.

“It’s always difficult running against an incumbent but I made the announcement in April and I hit the ground hard since early summer and I’ve connected with a lot of Ward 1 residents.”

Candidates will be knocking on doors and putting up signs for the next 27 days and on Oct. 18, Edmontonians will decide who will represent them.