Event hopes to raise $235,000 to fight AIDS



robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Part of the Calgary Cares dance crew, Kiki-Deelicious, will be performing Saturday night at the Jack Singer Concert Hall for the 2008 Calgary Cares Fundraiser for AIDS.


« ... AIDS affects everyone and that is why the fundraiser is so important.»

Calgary cares about people of all different races, ages and genders and this weekend Calgary Cares about AIDS.

The 15th annual Calgary Cares 2008 HIV and AIDS fundraiser is bigger and better than ever hoping to raise more than $235,000 this year.

Corey McKeown, leader of development for AIDS Calgary, told Metro the Calgary Cares fundraiser is one of the city’s most sought after events.

"It brings together people from all walks of life and support from a lot of different Calgarians coming together for a good cause," he said.

McKeown said the event is designed to not only raise funds to help those fighting the disease or at risk, but also awareness of the disease.

"It’s a misconception that AIDS is a homosexual disease. AIDS affects everyone and that is why the fundraiser is so important."

This year’s theme is the Sweet 70’s and the event that expects more than 1,000 people will feature dance numbers, auctions, photo opportunities and much more.

"It’s just a really great way to raise money and awareness and have fun while doing it. It’s really a premier event," he said.

Last year the event raised $190,000, but this year the venue is bigger and McKeown believes they will reach an even higher goal.

Tickets for the fundraiser at Jack Singer Concert Hall on Saturday are $175 and available at calgarycares.ca.