Morgan Spurlock went to a convention in San Diego two years ago and found his people — geeks and fanboys, just like he is.

The director of Super Size Me found Comic-Con such a mecca for fans of comic books, superheroes and other aspects of geek culture that he felt compelled to make a movie about the place.

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, playing at a number of film festivals, is a love song to the fans who journey every year to mix with their kind — and those continually telling themselves that next year, they'll make it there themselves.

Spurlock, who grew up reading comics and idolizing Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee, first went to the four-day convention in summer 2009 to recruit fans of The Simpsons for a 20th anniversary special he was making about the animated TV series.


“I’m there watching this going, ‘This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. This is amazing. This is a movie,’” Spurlock said in an interview over the weekend after the Toronto festival premiere of Comic-Con.

”Later on that night is when I met Stan Lee at a party and kind of just gushed to Stan, telling him how much he changed my life as a kid. And he said, ‘We should make a movie together. We should make a documentary about Comic-Con.’”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Need to Know: Comic Con

Drawing 130,000 people a year —many in elaborate costumes as favourite superheroes, movie idols and video-game characters — Comic-Con is THE place for fans to buy rare comic books, get the newest action figures, preview footage of Hollywood’s next blockbusters and just hang with their peers.

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