Calgary may be rough around the edges, but this city is slick in the middle. And although the heart of our culture is in the core, every quadrant has its own charm, as well. My mission, and I do believe it’s possible, is to round up each weekend’s best suspects for entertainment … no matter what corner of this oil town they might be lurking in.

I’m kicking off my first Slick City safari with a tour of three halls, one overflowing with young artists, another with five old men in dresses and a space fit for a Spice Girl. Try to stay with me here.

Like so many Canadians my age, some of my fondest childhood memories involve watching Scott Thompson don old-lady drag once a week on the CBC sketch comedy show, Kids In The Hall.

Creepy. We live in a really weird country, if you think about it.

The Kids have reunited for a tour that stops in Calgary this Saturday night at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Tickets are about $60 and available at

Speaking of memory-making, the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) Class of ’08 graduates this weekend. And why should you care?

More than 180 grads/artists are publicly showcasing their work, including painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry.

“It’s our best and our brightest,” says ACAD’s Michelle Madley.

Their work will be displayed down hallways, in classrooms and other spaces on the campus at 1407-14th Ave SW. The opening reception is today at 5 p.m. and the exhibit remains free to the public tomorrow and Saturday.

C’mon … admit it. Everyone has a favourite Spice Girl. Mine’s Sporty, for obvious reasons, and she just happens to be performing in town tonight.

So what’s it like for Mel C to come down off an international stadium tour to play smallish venues like MacEwan Hall? If the trade-off is not having to stomach Posh every night, I’m guessing it’s pretty darn good. Tickets to the show are $35 on

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