Sicilian Pasta Kitchen
805 Saddleback Road

Rating: ***1/2
Price range: Low to medium
Reservations: No
Licensed: Yes
Social lunch: Yes

I’ve been recommending the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen for so long that I figured I deserved a return trip. Instead of hitting my beloved downtown spot, however, I hauled it down to the south side location to see if it was as worthy of merit.


I shouldn’t have doubted it for a moment.

My cappuccino ($3.59) was exquisitely drawn and topped with rich foam. The sliced baguette in its basket warmed the individual pats of butter so they could be easily spread. The coup de resistance was the piatto assortito ($10.95).

My bowl was divided between tomato-laced fusilli under a generous layer of feta and veal-stuffed tortellini in a delicate rose sauce. Either dish would have sufficed to cure my lunchtime peckishness, but together, they knocked my hunger into next week.

I blame the chef for leaving me unable to sample their gelato. And he will pay ­— oh, yes, he will pay… Or I’ll just have to try again — maybe I’ll order a child’s size portion next time.