Re: “More OHIP cards than people: Report,” and “Spending abuses revealed,” Dec. 6:

In 1995, the Ministry of Health decided to replace the red-and-white health cards with new photo ID cards, and here we are 11 years later and there are still nearly six million old cards in circulation.

Now we are told it will be at least 2014 before the old cards are out of circulation. I would have thought in order to cut down on fraud, exchanging the old cards would be a priority, but 19 years to accomplish this — come on, who is fooling who.


And then we have the Ontario Children’s Aid Society’s spending abuses, a $4,000 trip to the Caribbean and — the best yet — $150 car washes. Whoever is checking these expenditures should be making mail bags for a few years, and then upon release, run for political office.

And here I am working and paying taxes to support these leeches.

God help us.

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