Attention holiday shoppers, time is running out for you to snag that perfect gift for the gamer in your life. However, even if you are lazy and don’t want to leave the couch, you can still get them something special. You see, video games can now be purchased using the mystical power of the Internet. Here are reviews of some games you can buy digitally.


‘Skyrim: Dragonborn’

Xbox 360 (PS3 and PC

coming next year)

Bethesda Softworks



When “Skyrim” dropped last year, gamers were enthralled by the title’s sheer amount of stuff to do. There was an entire continent to explore, complete with more quests and secrets than you could shake a stick at. It took many months, but the fan base finally squeezed every inch of playtime out of the game, leaving them longing for more. Their wish has been granted.


“Dragonborn” is a downloadable add-on for the game, and thus needs the original title to work. What you’ll get for your $20 is a whole new land, a whole new story and many new villains to bash in. The only downside are the dragons themselves. This DLC promised the ability to command one as a steed. While that is technically true, it is not nearly as exciting as it sounds.


‘Little Inferno’

Wii U

Tomorrow Corporation



Most games are rehashes in some way or another but every now and then something truly original comes along. “Little Inferno” is one such game. It is, well, a fireplace simulator set inside of a world that can only be described as Ren and Stimpy meets the apocalypse. You read that right. “Little Inferno” turns your Wii U gamepad into a miniature fireplace and tasks you to burn everything you can get your hands on. The trick is figuring out the right combination of items to incinerate, which allows you to slowly open up the game’s story. The art style and dark humor make this a truly one-of-a-kind experience.