It's 2012. You know what that means: Another long-predicted apocalypse is about to chew us up and spit us out. This mania for the end of the world has taken pop culture by storm, from "The Hunger Games" to, um, "Honey Boo Boo." Even video games have gotten in on the act. There is a spate of new titles that let us live out our demented dystopian fantasies. Here are reviews of two you can play while buying time in the bomb shelter.


'Tokyo Jungle'

Company: Sony

Console: PS3

Grade: 4/5

You know that show on History Channel that talks about what the world will be like after man is gone? This is, more or less, a video game version of that show. You play as an animal of your choosing as you wander around a dilapidated Tokyo after the fall of man. The goal is simply to survive.


The presentation is chintzy and the graphics are PS2-level, but boy, is this game addicting. It's a rush to stealthily move around the city as a lowly pomeranian, picking off smaller game and avoiding bears, lions and even nastier beasts. Every animal controls differently and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Exploring the world as each one shoots the replay value of this $15 download-only title through the roof.


‘Borderlands 2’

Company: Gearbox

Console: PS3/Xbox 360/PC

Grade: 4/5


“Borderlands” and its sequel are the closest thing you can get to playing a massively multiplayer game set in the world of Mad Max. There’s no Tina Turner, but there’s plenty of cool weapons, devious bandits and crumbling infrastructure. If you are new to the series, it’s a first-person shooter with a major emphasis on RPG mechanics. Just like “Diablo,” the game constantly dangles carrots in the form of stat increases and new items to fool around with. Taking this concept online makes it the first true blockbuster of the fall season.

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