Silliness was in abundance throughout Whyte Avenue this past Canada Day as crowds gathered to watch the 22nd annual Silly Summer Parade.

Organizations, many of which are part of Old Strathcona, walked, drove, and biked in some of their zaniest costumes for the event by the Old Strathcona Foundation, which promotes the restoration and preservation of the areas historical assets.

“We want this to go on forever, every year,” said 90-year-old Gwen Wilson, who was sitting with her great-grandchildren.

Wilson said that she has attended the parade every year since it began.

“I want to thank Strathcona for a beautiful parade,” she added.

Wilson also said that she is proud of this event because it represents many of the activities Edmonton has to offer.

The show started with chimes in the tune of the National Anthem, soon leading in horses, superheroes, clowns, and even Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock while waving to the upbeat children and parents.

“What brings us to this event is that I am the Lord of this realm,” said Sir Thomas of Strathcona, the “fearless leader” of the Knights of the Northern Realm.

These Knights marched in the parade donning their 14th-century-influenced armour and weaponry.

This is the Knights’ sixth year in the parade, and Sir Thomas added that Old Strathcona has supported their organization for the past nine years, which promotes education about 14th-century England.

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