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Sima Farr before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Sima Faar?


The first thing our jury noticed was her brown leather jacket and matching mini skirt that made her look like a “cougar hootchie mama” with an outfit that was “ripped off from a La-Z-Boy recliner.”

At 39, Sima aspires to be “the sexiest woman in the world,” but her in-your-face clothes and hairstyle make her look more than 10 years older and short on sex appeal. But she has no shortage of talent. She’s an excellent chef, seamstress, painter, singer, jewelry maker and much more. Her challenge is getting focused on one of her talents and developing it into a career. But first she needed a more professional look.

Her first stop was to see our cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon to deal with dark, coarse facial hair which Sima had been waxing aggressively. Kucy warned her to lay off the waxing because it can cause scarring. Instead she gave her a series of laser hair-removal treatments. “Each treatment gets rid of about 20 per cent of the hair and most people need to get five or six treatments.”

Sima’s wardrobe was next on the makeover list, and when our fashion stylist David Clemmer knocked on her door, he was shocked.

“That has to be the most outrageous answering-the-door outfit I’ve ever seen. She makes all her own clothes and they’re all sparkly, glitzy, and too revealing.”

Sima believes “if you have it, you have to show it off.” He reminded her that “sometimes less is more.”

David took her shopping at Freda’s boutique (www.fredas.com), where lead designer Freda Iordanous and her team design, produce and sell their stylish collections. David showed Sima how great she could look in a long skirt, and got her into a cropped pant that showed just a bit of leg and makes a nice alternative to a skirt. He also gave her this tip: Since she has broad shoulders, she should look for longer, flared skirts that should balance her body proportions perfectly.

With Sima’s wardrobe looking good, the next stop was with our brilliant hairstylist, Johnny Cupello. He identified her style as “the Sahara Desert look” because her hair was so dry. He perked up her look with a bob and golden honey highlights.

Then our make-up artist Korby Banner repeated David’s advice that “less is more … even when it comes to makeup. When I’m done with you people won’t talk about your makeup, they’ll talk about how beautiful you are.”

Sima’s final stop was to see our cosmetic dentists Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar. She told them she wanted the “sexiest smile in the world.” So they replaced her chipped, cracked and yellow teeth with eight upper and six lower Pro-Art porcelain veneers. She was thrilled and repaid them in her own unique way, with a dozen rows of teeth … made of chocolate.

Then Sima was off to face our jury one more time. The first time was not fun for her, but she had worked hard to improve her look and this time she was eager to get in front of them. How would she do this time, and who’s the special juror that made Sima cry?

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