The roller-coaster ride for fans of Simon and Garfunkel continues.

For the second time in two months, the legendary music duo have postponed its North America tour — including back-to-back shows in Halifax on July 24 and 25 — with this time no new dates set.

According to a release from its promotional group, this indefinite postponement is a result of Art Garfunkel continuing to recover from a vocal paresis.


"According to his doctors, Art is expected to make a full recovery, however they cannot predict an exact timeline," the release states. "This condition (paresis) inhibits the duo from performing shows at the highest possible level and it is for that reason and out of respect for their fans that Paul and Art have decided to put the tour on hold."

"I do feel bad about disrupting so many people's plans but, as I continue to mend, I can't yet bring my 'A Game' to a tour, and I would not perform for you with anything less," Art Garfunkel adds in the release.

The original dates for Halifax were May 17 and 18, but those were pushed back two months because of Garfunkel's voice injury.

Refunds available via the Halifax Metro Centre box office.

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