Stress is intimately connected to the way you eat. Try not to rush off to work in the morning without eating breakfast first.


Face the fact that no amount of success in your professional life can make up for poor health. Make it your active purpose to put the health of your body and your mind first. Do at least one thing every day specifically to protect your most important asset — your health.

Convince yourself that happiness is not only relevant but crucial. You are on the planet to be happy — to celebrate life. Happy people not only live longer but they accomplish more. Happiness is the antidote to stress. Learn to summon the emotion of happiness right there at your desk and spread it around as much as possible. Get up and walk around — look for happiness.

Change your attitude toward food, especially breakfast and lunch. Stress is intimately connected to the way you eat. When you wake up in the morning, your body temperature rises and your metabolic rate is enhanced, ready to nourish your cells. If you ignore this cue and rush to work without breakfast, insulin will instruct the body to store fat.

From the editors of alive magazine

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