Sir Paul McCartney is beginning to prepare for his show at the Halifax Common in eight days.

The ex-Beatle spoke live to Q104 Thursday morning and told the radio station work is now underway in putting together his song lineup for the July 11 show.

“We just started to do a little bit of rehearsal (Thursday) to remind ourselves how it goes,” McCartney said. “We’re ready to play and very excited to coming out there.”


The concert in Halifax will be McCartney’s first of the summer and it will be his only stop in Canada. McCartney has chosen two Halifax bands to open for him – Wintersleep and The Joel Plaskett Emergency.

“I am very excited actually. It’s really going to kick off our kind of little summer tour,” the 67-year-old said. “I happened to run into Neil Young the other night. He was playing in London and asked me what I was doing and I said I was going to Halifax and he said, ‘Ah, it’s great there, man … we went back.’”

McCartney also talked in the 20-minute conversation about Michael Jackson, the seal hunt and donairs. McCartney admittedly never heard of donairs before, but when told they were full of meat, the vegetarian replied “well I’m not going to have it then ... send me a doughnut.”

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