Thousands of people took advantage of the sunny weather Saturday, snatching up last-minute tickets to the Paul McCartney concert on the Halifax Common.

Ticket sales bought on the day of the big show at all vendor locations were a "respectable portion" of overall ticket sales, Greg Cox, spokesman for Power Promotional Events, said yesterday.

The beautiful day certainly seemed to drive up ticket sales, as a source estimated to Metro Halifax in the late afternoon that about 10,000 tickets -- about 20 per cent of total attendance -- bought their tickets Saturday.


Estimates indicate that there were about 50,00 fans at the show, however Power Promotional Events did not release the exact number of ticket sales yesterday. The company did say its pleased with the turnout at the concert.

"It was a massive and hugely successful event," Cox said.

While Power Promotional Events has just started tallying up the total from Saturday's concert, the promoters don't seem to be worried about profits.

"A Paul McCartney show; that's a pretty safe investment," Cox said.

He and his colleagues are also excited about their next major event, the KISS concert on the Halifax Common this Saturday.

"I think KISS will be just as successful," Cox said.

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