An overwhelming majority of those polled over a 24-hour period by a Calgarian through a support-your-troops website said they would defend their country voluntarily.

Dave Murphy, founder of, thought he would fare better than an Ipsos-Reid poll released earlier this week stating only 40 per cent of Canadians between 18 and 35 years old would have voluntarily enlisted in the Second World War.

“I’m not surprised by these numbers but they come from Canadians, Americans, Britons and people all over the world,” Murphy said.

“It makes me proud.”

But while many would enlist, Murphy said some people debated the merits of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, which some respondents said they would not support.

But one Metro reader said they don’t believe the causes today are worth fighting for.

“War today isn’t about keeping people safe and free. It’s about oppressing others. I feel like young people wouldn’t enlist because the cause is garbage,” they wrote.

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