Ontario’s police watchdog has announced that they will reopen their investigation into the injuries sustained by a man named Adam Nobody during the G20.

The news comes one day after Police Chief Bill Blair lashed out at the Special Investigations Unit for saying excessive force was probably used by officers in two cases during G20 protests.

Blair said a YouTube video, consulted by the SIU as evidence in Nobody’s complaint, was “tampered with,” and edited out of context. The video, shot by web developer John Bridge, shows Nobody being chased by a group of about six uniformed officers. He is then tackled to the ground.

Referencing the video, SIU director Ian Scott concluded there was a “probable excessive use of force,” but the officer could not be identified.

Nobody, the man at the centre of criticisms lobbed by the Toronto Police against the SIU spoke with the Toronto Star yesterday.

He recalled one terrifying moment, handcuffed and lying on the ground behind a paddy wagon, when a plainclothes police officer placed his foot on his face.

“He was calling me a piece of sh—t,” said Nobody, recounting the moment. “‘Get up and fight me,’” he said, adding that there were “tons of police officers around laughing.”

Then, the officer asked his name. “‘Adam Nobody,’ I said, and the guy takes his foot off my face, kicks me in the face and tells me to stop being a smart ass.”

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