City skateboarders will be taking a little off the top on Saturday to raise money for a worthy cause.

Chop Your Mop 4 Cancer, presented by the Edmonton Skateboard Association, will be held at the Callingwood Skate Plaza on 176 Street and 69 Avenue on Saturday.

The bottle drive, head shave, barbecue and skateboard event is raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation in memory of Nathan Matthews and Tyler Stuart, two local skateboarders who succumbed to cancer.

“The strength of their friends and family led to the creation of the Edmonton Skateboard Association, and our first objective is to raise $8,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation to donate in our friends’ memory,” said the association’s president, Mike Mauer, in a press release.

The event will not only raise money for cancer research, but it will also feature appearances by two international professional skateboarders, Rob Dyer and Jamie Tancowny.

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