The scene should be perfect. Crisp snow, fresh air, the warmth of the sun and in front of you a beautiful piste rolls away into the distance, promising a brilliant skiing and snowboarding experience. So what is the problem?


You hear it first, distant shouts and screams and then it’s all around you: Hundreds of people, from school groups to seasonaires, crowd the slopes and suddenly the magic of the moment is gone. From you against the elements it is now you against the crowds, and your run is spent dodging learner skiers and seated snowboarders rather than enjoying one of the greatest activities in the world.


First up is a brand new experience in the Alps, where you are taken by helicopter to remote spots to ski areas suited to all standards. Try their unique trip that allows you to ski from the Matterhorn to the Eiger.


An unusual favourite is climbing and skiing down the Lyngen Alps that line the fjords of northern Norway, just 50 miles from Tromso. The real exciting part here is taking a fast boat across the fjords to the base of the Alps before spending three hours hiking to the top and skiing down the other side to remote snow-covered beaches. Sounds unusual and it is.


For an incredible skiing experience take the trans-Siberian express to the slopes of the Altai Mountains in Western Siberia. It’s popular with Russians but there are few other tourists, and there is plenty of space so you can find runs that you’ll have to yourself. Even better, the dry climate of the area means that hardly any ice forms on the slopes, giving the whole area a blanket of great soft powder.