Re:"Kids know the score about work — Reader’s letter," Feb. 23:


I would like to respond to an old issue dating back to February. One of your readers made a snide remark about skilled tradesmen.


I have been a proud Boilermaker of Local 128 Toronto for 27 years.


There are thousands of unionized skilled tradesmen in this province that have produced high-quality work on time and on budget and they have been well compensated for it. Is your house warm in the winter? Do your lights come on every time you hit the switch? Do you walk to work every day, or are you reading this on the subway?


Yes, there is a shortage of skilled labour in this province and we must encourage our young to pursue the hard work.

We start in high schools with seminars by trade unions and demonstrate how rewarding a career is in any of the multiple trades.

Five per cent of high school graduates complete a successful post-secondary education.

What are the other 95 per cent doing?

Asking if you want fries with that?

I have already forgotten about that reader, but not our youth.

If you are reading this, please contact your guidance counsellor or the provincial building trades department and ask how you can be part of a successful and rewarding career as a unionized skilled tradesman.