Wilco returns with a masterstroke, Sky Blue Sky, out yesterday.




Album: Sky Blue Sky

Label: Nonesuch

Release Date: May 15

***** (out of five)

With a natural precision made to sound smooth and effortless by seasoned hands, Wilco have hit the mark with their fifth studio album with such comfortable authority it seems almost magical.

Indeed, it is a rare and unnerving delight to hear musicians step so sure-footedly as they do here. The album is perfectly, patiently paced, gently folksy at times, and sweetly electric when needed.

The songwriting is simple, confident and eloquent. Sky Blue Sky is a wonderfully sunny Sunday afternoon three-beer buzz. With the soul of ’70s southern rock moving through them, Wilco lifts you to a warm euphoric high and holds you there; never pushing you over the top or letting you dip below the plateau, until the final note releases you.

A masterstroke.


Album: Fancy Footwork

Label: Vice Records

Release Date: May 8

**** (out of five)

Quaff your hair, put on your piano key necktie and get ready to show your fancy footwork.

Armed with every classic keyboard beat and Hall & Oates guitar riff imaginable, Chromeo’s Dave 1 and P-Thugg re-create the smooth sounds of an ’80s electro-pop dance party.

Songs such as Bonafied Lovin’ and Outta Sight sound as if they were lifted from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and exemplify the infectious fun of this duo.