Safety at Surrey Central Station, often cited as the “scariest” SkyTrain station, is much improved, according to transit police.

In his annual report, Chief Ward Clapham said crime at that station plunged 46 per cent between May 2008 and April 2009. Overall, crime at or within 100 metres of a SkyTrain station fell modestly by 3.8 per cent.

Inside stations however, the drop was much more significant. Crime at stations fell 31.5 per cent over that 12-month period. Clapham is attributing the drop to a new emphasis on “reassurance policing” — a 44-point plan that includes a visible presence of officers at key stations and regular police “walk-arounds” in the vicinity of stations.

“Through the ‘feet on the ground’ nature of our service, we are meeting with the public every day to help build a strong sense of community through transit,” Clapham said.

He added the results involved crime-fighting tools unique to the transportation system such as the use of cameras.