It’s been nearly three years since he watched his son breathe his last breath after a Whyte Avenue stabbing, and Grant McGillis is still hopeful guilt will reveal the killer.

“To protect someone that has taken a life isn’t right,” he said yesterday.

Dylan McGillis, a 20-year-old father-to-be, was attacked as he walked with friends on the strip full of late-night partiers on Nov. 19, 2006.

He was beaten and stabbed in the chest in the unprovoked assault before the attackers fled.

He was rushed to hospital where he underwent three emergency surgeries, but died the same day.

“I remember when we got the phone call. I remember seeing him and he wasn’t even recognizable, he was dying in front of us,” Grant said.

Dylan’s murderer has not been caught or identified.

Though the family hasn’t seen justice yet, they remain hopeful someone carrying key information will come forward and uncover the man responsible for Dylan’s death.

“There were enough people there that night who know what went on,” Grant said. “Somebody was intent on doing bad things that night. It didn’t matter who it was, somebody was going to pay the price. Unfortunately, it was Dylan.”

One year ago, investigators revealed photos of persons of interest in the homicide. He’s confident police have a suspect in mind, but can’t lay charges without more information, Grant said.

Despite the passing of time, Dylan’s father said days looming before the anniversary of the slaying are tougher to live through each year.

“It never gets any easier. I think of him, and see things that remind me of him every day.”

The McGillis family will hold a candlelight vigil on Nov. 22 at the scene of the stabbing on 106 Street and Whyte Avenue.

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