Canada has a chance at completing the Vancouver 2010 hat trick when the reigning Paralympic champions defend their title in sledge hockey.

Sledge hockey is one of the premier events of the Paralympics due to its fast-paced game with the same rules and physical play of hockey.

All competitors have lower-body disabilities. They play on sledges, which they propel with sticks that have spikes on one end, and the stick blade on the other.

“People are impressed by the speed, the physicality of it and what we can do and how hard we can shoot the puck,” said Marc Dorion, a forward with Team Canada.

Competitors are strapped into a sledge that doesn’t allow lower body movement. It is a sport that takes incredible training and upper body strength to play, according to Dorion.

“It is really demanding on the body, I’m on the ice in the morning, and weight sessions in the afternoon, and that’s at least five, six times a week,” said Dorion who said the hard work will pay off.

“Perhaps we’re the favourites, we’re very confident in our team right now. We are ready to rock ’n’ roll.”

Norway currently leads the historical sledge hockey medal standings with four medals; Canada has three.

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