Unhappy with her life, Teresa Craig allegedly waited for her husband, Jack Craig, to fall asleep late on March 30, 2006, before stabbing him four times with a kitchen knife, her first-degree murder trial heard yesterday.
On the first day of Craig’s trial, Crown attorney Jason Neubauer told the jury that the woman, now 51, had left her husband twice during their marriage and that she had wanted to return to her native Malaysia.
“You will hear that she married him in 1995 even though she didn’t really like him,” said Neubauer. “You’ll hear that they argued a lot … this was not a marriage filled with bliss.
“One thing Teresa Craig said was that he was never violent with her.”
In 2005, the family sold their home in B.C. and bought an RV, in which they drove to the Ottawa area. They bought a convenience store at 2577 Donnelly Rd., on the edge of Ottawa, but two months later, the business was failing.
Neubauer said on the night of March 30, 2006, Craig put the couple’s son, Martin, in the back of the RV where she and her husband usually slept because she “didn’t want him to see.”
She allegedly waited for her husband to come home and stabbed him while he slept. He died early the next morning.
Neighbour Charmaine Crockett testified yesterday that she answered the door to Craig on the night of the murder.
“She said, ‘Help me. Call 9-1-1. I just killed my husband,’” Crockett said.
In the recording, Craig told the 9-1-1 operator, “I’m not happy. I’m sick of life. Everything is wrong. The business is not good.”
She told the operator that she had left a knife on Crockett’s driveway. She broke down several times during the phone call.
The trial continues today.

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