Life wouldn’t be life without having to face challenges on a daily basis.

These can range from meeting deadlines at school or work, not being able to pursue the career you really want or having to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Yet, we all deal with such struggles differently. Some of us bottle it inside, some are able to talk about it, while others may overeat.

Food isn’t an escape from your worries, it just makes it all that much harder to cope and adds more problems to your list.

The third season of Slice’s X-Weighted, which premiered last week, is a series of 13 one-hour long documentaries chronicling the lives of normal people trying to bag that excess fat.

Over a period of six months these people will push their minds and bodies to the limits to get back on track of living a healthy life.

In the premiere episode, Debbi, a 26-year-old homemaker, wife and mother of three from Calgary, hardly recognized herself anymore. In her mind’s eye she sees herself as thin, but when she looks at photos or sees herself in a mirror she’s horrified. But she was able to shed 39 lbs.

During last night’s episode, 26-year-old Gaia, also from Calgary, is an out-of-shape, roller derby mama who wants to battle her weight and self-esteem issues to become a role model for her toddler daughter. And now she’s happier having achieved her weight-loss goal.

Like Gaia and Debbi, all the people on the show are given guidance from experts in fitness like Paul Plakas, nutrition experts like holistic nutritionist Crystal Andrus and self-esteem experts like Fred Connors.

Next week, Kristi, a patrol supervisor from Toronto who oversees road crews, begins her journey and vows to regain control of her weight and get back into the dating scene again.

By the end of the series, a record-setting 809 lbs is lost. Catch X-Weighted Wednesdays on Slice at 8 p.m.

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