Mild weather puts damper on winter sport



Aaron Harris/Torstar News Service


An attendant stands at the base of an empty lift yesterday at the Centennial Park Ski & Snowboard Centre in Toronto.


What a difference a few days can make. Just a week ago, the ski hills in Toronto were packed with alpiners and snowboarders enjoying runs covered with layers of white powder.

But this week is another story on the Earl Bales slopes and at Centennial Park and Uplands ski club.

The runs were closed last night at Uplands because of heavy rainfall all day, said Craig Lush, outside operations manager.

“We can’t afford to lose more snow,” he said.

“I have a good base at this point, and I want to keep it this way.”

Though the mildness and rain is likely to prevail all week, his plan is to keep the hills open as long as he can. “We can’t lose hope yet.”