Rocco Rossi said the price tag for putting bike lanes on Jarvis St. was $63,000, challenging mayoral candidate Rob Ford’s repeated claims that it cost $6 million.


The cost of the controversial bike lanes on Jarvis Street has been among Ford’s main anecdotes when discussing wasteful spending at city hall. As the candidates traded barbs at a Sept. 21 CP24 debate, Ford said, “I guess you’re telling me we never spent $6 million on removing one lane from Jarvis St.”

Rossi shot back: “$6 million for the bike lanes? No — $63,000.”

Smell test:

The actual cost of the bike lanes was $59,000, lower than the $65,000 budgeted. The cost included painting new lines and installing bike-lane signs, as well as adjusting red-light cameras along the route.


Rossi’s claim is fresh. Ford’s claim is sour.

Torontonians go to the polls Oct. 25.