Hundreds of wind energy experts at a Toronto convention witnessed some early sparring in the city’s next mayoral race as both Mayor David Miller and provincial Energy Minister George Smitherman took the stage — and a couple of thinly veiled shots.

It’s something that could happen more often as the mayor and the MPP for Toronto Centre-Rosedale come into contact at public events with Smitherman promising a decision on a run for Miller’s job in next fall’s election after declaring earlier this month that the “status quo” is not working at city hall.

After Miller praised Smitherman for his “leadership” in pushing green energy initiatives, the mayor warned about the “devil in the details” — something to which Smitherman took polite exception.

“I know the mayor is also a lawyer and I really notice lawyers are always dispensing this ‘devil in the details’ messaging, which is supposed to make everybody skeptical and very suspicious,” said Smitherman.