Not all smokers in Vancouver plan to abide by the city’s new smoking restrictions, and for now, authorities are counting on peer pressure to make it work.
The smoking bylaw came into effect yesterday, and forbids anyone to light up within six metres of a doorway or window. It also eliminates smoking rooms in bars.
“I’m probably not going to obey the bylaw,” said Kyle Baptiste, a 20-year-old construction worker. “At least, not the six metres from a door part.”
Dominic Losito, the director of environmental health for Vancouver Coastal Health, said he doesn’t know when the bylaw will start to be enforced with tickets.
“We hope people will see the signs and abide by the bylaw. Peer pressure from other members of the public will help too,” he said. “We can issue tickets, but that’s not the primary way we want to proceed with this.”
Vancouver resident Jenni Balcombe, a 21-year-old actress, said she knows about the bylaw and plans to keep away from doorways when having a cigarette.
“Instead of smoking outside of my building, I’ll just go across the street,” she said.