No hard lines in this look, says celebrity artist



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Keira Knightley demonstrates the smoky eye look.

"(Colours) should all blend fluently, one into the other because that’s what gives you that lovely shadowy, smoky look"

The smoky eye is everywhere this fall, but it’s one of those deceptively easy looks: Overdo things, and you can end up with raccoon eyes in a flash. So if you haven’t quite managed to pull it off yet, check out these tips from Chase Aston, a celebrity make-up artist and spokesperson for The Body Shop:

• Aston’s top smoky-eye tip is to try and achieve seamless blending, i.e., there should be no hard lines as you progress from the lightest shade of eye shadow into the middle shade and then into the darkest. “They should all blend fluently, one into the other because that’s what gives you that lovely shadowy, smoky look,” he says. “The biggest mistake people do when they do the smoky eye is that they run a big black pencil along the eye and they leave it and don’t soften it and smudge it.”

• Having the right tools can make the job easier. Aston recommends an eyeshadow blender brush, a nice large brush that allows you to apply product over the whole eye, as well as a slanted brush, which is “great for smudging underneath the lashes and in the crease of the eye.” He also suggests “a really soft eyeshadow brush, just to smudge any shadow along the top lash line. Cotton balls also work just as well.”

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in black velvet, satin green and purple silk, $17.50, are great evening-look shades.

• Aston suggests first starting with a basic concealer and applying it over the eyelid to cover up any uneven skin tones and achieve a matte surface. Then take a light, sheer shade like a calico or a vanilla cream, and apply it from the lash line up to the brow. Then smudge your middle colour along the top lash line from the outer corner to the centre of the eye. Keep blending it back and forth, and once you’ve blended a sheer wash of colour, take your blending brush and just drag it out past the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the brows for a winged shaded eye effect. Then take your darkest shade and apply it along the lash line and underneath the lower lashes. Then curl your lashes and finish off with mascara.

• To carry off a smoky eye during the day, you can use the same palette, but aim for a much lighter gradation of colour. “And don’t wear liquid eyeliner, that’s the one thing that makes the smoky eye into more of an evening look,” says Aston.