It’s an ordinary morning. You walk into the office, check your e-mail, return your messages and have a cup of coffee.

Eventually, you make your way to the bathroom. Only problem? It was already occupied Friday morning at Investors Group in New Glasgow — by a large snapping turtle.

“I opened the door and quickly took a step backwards,” said Mike MacKean. “I yelled for everyone to come and look at this.”


The turtle, which measures about a foot from tip to tail, was just hanging out on the floor. There’s no way it could have climbed up through the sewers, say the staff; it’s simply too big to get through the toilet. How it made its way into the men’s washroom is unknown.

“Not a clue how it got in, it’s not exactly stealth-like,” said MacKean. “It’s a bit of a mystery, in fact.”

When asked if the turtle’s mysterious appearance was a practical joke, the Investors Group staff say they’re not responsible.

“If it is a joke, it’s a great one,” MacKean said.

Craig Mercer, another consultant at Investors Group, speculated that perhaps the turtle was there for business purposes.

“It’s just a typical Friday here — we get all kinds looking for some safe investment advice, maybe she’s looking for a mortgage for her shell,” Mercer said with a chuckle.

Mercer put the turtle in a paper box — the turtle’s big enough to nearly fill it — and plans to bring it out towards Hopewell and release it near the water.

“It’s guaranteed the fastest it’s ever travelled — maybe I should prop it up on the dash and let it look out,” Mercer said.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, this is the time of year turtles head out for greener pastures — or, rather, gravel. Turtles lay their eggs in gravel, often on the side of the road.

Allan Blinn, area supervisor, speculated that the turtle was looking for a spot to lay its eggs and found a spot near the Investors Group.

From there, he said, it may have wandered in — or perhaps was helped along as part of a joke.

Although Blinn doesn’t have any data on the local turtle population, three turtles have been brought in to the DNR office in McLellan’s Brook already this week for re-release.

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