Here are some quick tips to stay fit on the go in your daily life.

Use the stairs
Try and use the stairs as much as you can. Whether it’s getting in and out of buildings, walking to the bus or getting to your office floor. Forget elevators and escalators every once in a while and use your legs.

Go the extra mile
Get off the bus or subway one or two stops earlier and walk that extra stretch. It may not seem like a lot, but doing this twice a day every day will add up the amount of steps you take.

Go for a big shop
Carrying your grocery bags home instead of loading everything in a bag or a basket will have a similar effect as weight lifting.

Go on the coffee run
Instead of seeing the coffee run for those around you as a chore, see it as the perfect excuse to go for a brisk walk outside and some fresh air.

Invest in a Swiss ball
Swiss balls aren’t just for the gym. Using one for as your desk chair will actually help you stand upright and improve your posture.

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