It is a speck of a record, one that could easily be displaced by a single flake of snow.

As an unusually balmy November draws to a close, not a trace of snow has fallen on our city streets.

If we make it to the end of the month — which seems inevitable if you follow weather forecasts — it will be the first snow-free November on record since 1937, the year Environment Canada started tracking snowfall at Pearson Airport.

“So far this year we have not had a speckle of snow,” said Louis Allard, meteorologist with Environment Canada.

There is a slim chance this record could already be broken. Snowfall data for November 1939 is missing, which Allard assumes “has to do with the war.”

So what do we have to thank for this respite from the expected seasonal chill?

A strong current of warm air is pushing back cold currents from Alaska, explained Allard. “Weather is just a fight between the cold and the warm.”

Don’t expect things to change by month’s end.

Friday temperatures are expected to top out at 7 C. A mix of sun and clouds and a high of 6 C, eliminates any potential snowfall on Saturday. Sunday temperatures could reach 8C. Monday will be a bit nippy, with a high of 4 C, dropping as low as 0 C.

But even reaching 0 C doesn’t guarantee snow.

“If you have a high of zero you have a greater chance,” said Allard.