Edmonton’s most recent snowfall wreaked havoc on streets turned slippery Saturday and Sunday, with collisions nearly doubling those of the previous weekend.

Motorists reported 211 property damage collisions over the two-day stretch, compared to 120 the weekend before when roads were free of ice and snow.

“People were lulled into a state of complacency with the late snowfall,” said EPS Traffic Section spokeswoman Lisa Lammi, adding that as drivers re-adjust they must be mindful that posted speed limits are suggested for ideal conditions, not for icy roads. The biggest collision myth common to Edmonton drivers, she said, is the belief police must be called to the scene of every accident.

When vehicles can be safely driven away from a crash scene, all involved should head to the nearest police station to file reports, Lammi clarified.

“People parked on the road can potentially create another collision,” she said.

On Saturday afternoon, a police officer was hospitalized after a vehicle slid into the scene of an accident she was investigating near Yellowhead Trail and Victoria Trail. It is unknown if police presence was necessary for the initial collision, Lammi said.

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