You have the best business idea and you’ve been thinking about it for years.
Need help getting started? Here are four ways to get your plan onto paper.

Talk about your plan with everyone

Tell anyone you can about your business idea. Feel free to keep sensitive information secret, but discussing your general idea is a great way to get your business brain going. You will be surprised by how many people have an opinion, know key people in an industry or have had an experience around the type of business you’ve chosen.

Print business cards to get inspired

It’s a simple trick but it can really encourage you to make your plans a reality. It costs little, takes a few minutes and can make your business idea much more tangible.

Run your own focus group

Get a few friends, colleagues or whomever else you can get a hold of. Write down a list of questions related to your business plan and have an informal discussion. Bring up questions such as: Would you buy this product? What do you hate about this industry? You’ll be impressed at how much business planning material you’ll get from even a small group of people.



Don’t be afraid to get creative in the appearance of your business plan. While you need to write a well-thought out description of your business ideas, insert a few colour pictures within the text to make a text-only document come alive.

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