Re: Your year’s pay a day’s work for top CEOs?(Jan. 2)

I was astounded to learn from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) that the salaries of Canada’s top CEOs have reached unprecedented new heights.

So much for the economic meltdown. While these characters were dragging in bigger and bigger salaries, upwards of 70,000 Canadians lost their jobs. The rest of us are preparing to ride out the rough year ahead, while the country’s top executives appear to be immune from any fallout.

Average CEO pay for the top 100 was up 22 per cent from its $8.5 million average in 2006. In contrast, the earnings of average Canadians rose by only 3.2 per cent — the best increase in the past five years, but a fraction of the CEOs’ and barely keeping up with inflation.

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