101-8th Ave. SW, Calgary
(403) 537-1160

Rating: ***
Signature Drink: Double margaritas
Signature Dish: Steak
Dinner & drinks for 2: $86

The best steak, I believe, is barbecued at home on a clear day. But that’s not always possible in a city with snow in October (or June for that matter).

Saltlik, which sells itself as a rare steakhouse, has a spacious location on Stephen Avenue with soft lighting that makes everyone glow, and requisite dark wood for that touch of sophistication.

The wine list is surprisingly affordable with dozens by the bottle averaging $30.

Four thick pieces of halved, gooey cheese toast start us off. They’re good but for $8.50? Really?

My petit filet ($30) is tender as expected, but cooked a tad below the medium rare I ordered. It sits on a pleasant bed of classic Béarnaise sauce. My partner’s California-cut New York ($32) is served as ordered: Medium rare Chicago-style, which is quickly charred on the outside. Bonus points for offering this. A hunk of blue cheese butter languidly melts atop his steak.

Both steaks come with loaded baked potatoes. That’s the extent of vegetables.

Saltlik is like being on a pleasant first date that you realize isn’t going to send warm thrills up your spine. Saltlik is good-looking, friendly, has a nice home — and will even give you a bone for your dog — but there’s just no spark.

Dining out
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