Gas prices ain’t pretty these days, and the government hopes people getting fed up will ditch their cars.

“Owning a car is by far the most expensive form of transportation that you can use,” said Gina Patterson, who created a list of summer driving tips for Conserve Nova Scotia for those who need to use cars.

They include:


>> Take care of multiple errands at once to cut down on driving trips.

>> Try to use alternative transportation like bikes or walking.

>> Try to drive at non-peak times so you aren’t stuck in rush hour traffic.

>> Try carpooling. You can use HRM’s new site, to find partners.

>> It takes about ten seconds of idling to use as much fuel as it does to restart your car — so turn it off whenever it’s practical.

>> Smooth, steady acceleration is key. A lead foot wastes gas.

>> Use your momentum and coast to slow down. You can save as much as 35 per cent of fuel by not always tapping the break and gas peddles.

>> Optimize your aerodynamics. Above 50km/hr keep the windows and sun roof closed and use air conditioning instead.

>> Try to park in the shade so less air conditioning is needed.

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