Sobeys has become the second grocery chain in Calgary to be hit by food tampering this year after metal pins were found in food items at three southern stores this week.

Police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell is warning Calgarians to be extra diligent in light of the discoveries after a woman found a metal pin in an avocado she purchased at the Millrise Sobeys on Tuesday.

It was then that store associates alerted police to two other incidents on the weekend, where metal pins were found in two Kaiser buns by customers at the McKenzie Towne and Cranston Sobeys stores.

“We don’t know if it’s a current employee, an ex-employee, a disgruntled customer or even possibly a copycat,” Brookwell said, referring to similar incidents targeted at Calgary Co-Op earlier this year.

Sobeys spokesperson Mike Lupien defended the chain’s decision not to initially call police until after the third incident and instead investigating internally.

“From the onset it wasn’t clear if it was food tampering, but after the third incident we realized it wasn’t a one-off,” he said.

Lupien said the store will be stepping up security in light of the incidents.