The ball is up in the air for seven teams in the Calgary Women’s Soccer Association after the teams were told they were benched in the latest controversy clouding the league.

The teams were recently suspended and fined after weeks of refusing to play against two teams that were allowed into the league’s Division 1 and Premiere levels without having to start from the bottom as the rules state, according to the former soccer association’s president.

“This is unfair and their interpretation of the rules is different from everybody else’s,” said Efem Yildirim, spokesperson for the Concerned Soccer Group, which has started an online group to educate citizens.

Yildirim said a performance bond has been slapped on the teams, which is a $1,500 deposit to play against the two teams in question, the latest development in the soccer squabble.

“It’s hurtful ... We just want everyone to follow the rules. Why should these two teams be given a free pass?”

The controversy began when the Foothills Colts and the HPSA teams were allowed to shoot straight to the top levels in the league despite a rule stating teams need to start no higher than Division 4 and then work their way up.

Calgary Villains coach John Rann said his team has also been disciplined for forfeiting a game against one of the teams last week. He said he will be appealing the notice.

Yildirim expects a meeting on Aug. 5, where he hopes the board will resign.

The CWSA vice-president did not return calls to Metro for comment.

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