>> Ten years after graduating from Taylor High School in Katy, Texas, Tina Lee Naro learned some surprising things about her former classmates. One committed atheist became a Mormon. A tightly wound “business school” type became a laid-back bartender at a Montana ski resort. And a formerly hirsute friend is now completely bald. Naro, now a consultant in New York City, learned all these things not in person, but on the social networking site Facebook — enough that she now plans to skip her 10-year reunion this September.

>> “I already had all those reunion moments: ‘Really? You’re gay? You’re married? You joined the military?’” she said. “Actually, going back to Katy holds a lot less appeal now.”

>> Sites like Facebook and MySpace are now competition for the class reunion — that time-honoured tradition of dressing to kill, choking down rubbery chicken and gossiping about old classmates.