They can defuse roadside bombs and take out Taliban fighters but Canadian soldiers can’t seem to hang on to the big bonuses they earn risking their lives in Afghanistan.

Many are blowing their hard-earned danger pay as soon as they get off the battlefield, partying at five-star resorts on the island of Cyprus, where the military is offering them counselling and “decompression.”

Before returning to Canada, soldiers are sent to a plush seaside hotel in the city of Paphos for five days of rest and relaxation intended to help them adjust back to civilian life.

But military documents obtained by the Toronto Star suggest the defence department’s preferred method of treating the mental toll of war is taking a personal financial toll on the troops.

“Many of the young soldiers coming out of theatre with large amounts of money were losing it within short periods of time, usually at TLDs (Third-Location Decompressions),” notes the report.