MONTREAL - The riot squad was called in on Tuesday as about 200 demonstrators protested a visit by Prince Charles to a military regiment.

Some of the protesters tossed eggs at soldiers as they stood guard at the front door of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada.

About 200 noisy demonstrators, some waving Fleur-de-lis flags and brandishing signs with slogans such as Down With the Monarchy, gathered outside the downtown building waiting for the prince to arrive.

Patrick Bourgeois said the British monarchy has exploited people all over world and that Quebec is no exception.

The symbol of the monarchy has been reviled by some French-Canadians for centuries, and Bourgeois and other protesters said the Royal Family had no business being in Quebec.

Bourgeois also linked the prince's visit with the military mission in Afghanistan which features British and Canadian soldiers.

"Quebec is against the war in Afghanistan," said Bourgeois, a member of the pro-independence Reseau de Resistance du Quebecois.

"And now it's our chance to pass that message to Prince Charles and many people across Canada."

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